Wish List

AWH is growing to accommodate our catchment, and the patients from rural and remote areas that come to us outside of our catchment. Our need for equipment is persistent, while our budget does cover a lot of equipment there are always areas that require funds. We strive to provide the best possible care for our patients, and this requires the consideration of a number of factors including capacity, and keeping up with advances in medical technology through updating or purchasing new equipment.

Medical equipment is expensive; we buy good quality equipment that lasts and where possible can be updated. Our budgetary constraints mean that we have ongoing ‘Wish List’, where capital needs are recorded. 

There are times where we look to our community leaders for assistance, those who live in regional and rural areas understand that successful communities are largely driven by groups of civic minded individuals who actively fundraise, volunteer and provide support to a range of key community services.

Our Wish List represents significant opportunities for charitable groups or organisations and philanthropic individuals to raise the profile of their cause and be represented through their donation. We are very aware that there are many competing needs in our community, and we greatly appreciate your time and consideration of the AWH Wish List.

For further information please contact our Grants and Fundraising officer Beth Sainty-Gale on (02) 6064 1548 or at beth.sainty-gale@awh.org.au