Find out how AWH supports its clinicians with their research projects, and learn more about what's underway.

Albury Wodonga Health Research Office is responsible for the governance of research projects at Albury Wodonga Health, as well as the oversight of the Albury Wodonga Health Human Research Ethics Committee (AWHHREC).

Our Research Office is committed to building research capacity in the region in collaboration with tertiary education institutions. Collaborations include partnerships with Charles Sturt University, La Trobe University and University of New South Wales.

Albury Wodonga Health works with our partners to provide opportunities for staff to build their knowledge, skills and confidence in research and work with other health services to facilitate ethical consideration of their own research projects through the AWHHREC. For a full account of our recent research activities, please review Research Report 2021-22

Please contact the Research Office about your proposed research project. All research, both single-site and multi-site, needs to be approved by our Research Governance Officer (RGO) before proceeding through to Ethics: research@awh.org.au


AWH Research Governance Policy

AWH Research Governance Procedure

AWH Research Committee Terms of Reference

Use the AWH Research Protocol Template for general research projects

Use the AWH Clinical Trial Protocol Template if you are initiating a clinical trial

Use the AWH Quality Improvement Project Protocol Template  if you are conducting a quality improvement project that may require ethical review (contact the Research Office for guidance).

Albury Wodonga Health Human Research Ethics Committee

The Albury Wodonga Health Human Research Ethics Committee (AWHHREC) operates in accordance with the NHMRC National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research 2007 (Updated 2018). The AWHHREC's primary role is to protect the welfare and the rights of participants in research.

The AWHHREC considers clinical research projects or any research project involving humans undertaken at the campuses of Albury Wodonga Health, Murray Valley Private Hospital, Albury and Wodonga Private Hospital, Mercy Health Service. If you are unsure if your project is Low Negligible Risk (LNR) or requires a full Human Research Ethics Application Form (HREA), contact our Research Office: research@awh.org.au

Project submission due dates

Research Office review

To ensure that research protocols and associated documents are of a high standard before being submitted to the AWHHREC, pre-ethical review of projects will be undertaken by the Research Office. Research Office staff have research experience and are able to assist with protocol development. 

Draft protocols for new projects can be submitted to the Research Office at least one month before the AWH Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) meeting date. This allows time for the Research Office to review the protocol and associated documents to ensure they are ready for ethical review. After review by the Research Office, researchers will be guided through submission to the AWHHREC on ERM. 

2023 Project Submission Due Dates

New project due before/on

With draft protocol

Submission to AWHHREC due on ERM

New projects, amendments and reports

AWHHREC meeting date

You will be invited to attend

Wed 28th Dec

Wed 18th Jan

Wed 1st Feb

Wed 1st March Wed 22nd March Wed 5th April
Wed 3rd May Wed 24th May Wed 7th June

Wed 31st May

Wed 21st June

Wed 5th July

Wed 2nd Aug

Wed 23rd Aug

Wed 6th Sept

Wed 30th Aug

Wed 20th Sept

Wed 4th Oct

Wed 1st Nov

Wed 22nd Nov

Wed 6th Dec


ERM Resources

Researchers need to submit their application through ERM. Refer to the Applicant User Guide to ERM or visit the Clinical Trials and Research website for guidance. 

The following training videos may help if you are new to ERM:

🎓 Getting started in ERM

🎓 Create a new project and transfer a project

🎓 Create and transfer sub-forms


AWHHREC Governance Documents

AWHHREC Handbook (for committee members)

Albury Wodonga Health Human Research Ethics Commitee Terms of Reference (TOR0557)