There are Emergency Departments at the Albury and Wodonga Campuses. The Emergency Department Staff are committed to delivering quality care to all patients and strive for excellence through their involvement with the Evaluation and Quality Improvement Program. Both Departments are accredited for six months training with the Royal Australian College of General Practice and the Australian College for Rural and Remote Medicine.

Albury Hospital

The Department of Emergency Medicine, also known as the Emergency Department or ED, is a busy department attending 35,000 patients annually. The ED has 20 treatment areas including 4 consulting rooms, a plaster room, an eye room, 12 general cubicles and 2 resuscitation beds.The ED is the regional Trauma Centre for North East Victoria and the NSW catchment area. The ED also receives all orthopaedic cases for the NSW catchment area and North East Victoria.

Wodonga Hospital

The Emergency Department sees 32,000 patients annually with approximately 2,350 admitted from the Department to the Acute Hospital. The ED has 8 treatment areas with a capacity to house 12 patients and there are also 2 resuscitation rooms. The ED treats all Obstetric Emergencies.

Waiting Times

All patients are seen immediately they arrive by a triage nurse. The triage nurse assesses the urgency of each patient. Urgent life threatening cases will always be given priority and treatment started immediately. For this reason, it is impossible to estimate waiting times, as the arrival of such cases is unpredictable and beyond the control of the staff.

Hours of Service

We operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year  and have rostered Medical Officers who have access to specialist Visiting Medical Officers.


Wodonga Hospital

53-81 Vermont St, Wodonga
3690 VIC

Albury Hospital

201 Borella Road, Albury
2640 NSW