What does it take to be a volunteer?

  • Some spare time, in most cases volunteering requires a regular commitment of between three and four hours per week.
  • Be a caring person, you will need to be patient, and care about what you do.
  • Be a good a communicator; it is essential to be a good listener and talk about a variety of subjects.
  • Police Criminal Record Check, you will need to pass a Police Criminal Record Check successfully.
  • Having a sense of humour is also helpful.

Important information about volunteering.

  • We do not assist with nursing duties, personal care or patient feeding.
  • We do not lift patients.
  • We do not provide counselling or give advice.
  • We do not provide medical advice or assist with medications or treatment.
  • We ask permission to provide additional food and drinks.
  • Please do not accept gifts or money for volunteering.
  • We do not breach confidentiality

To become a volunteer there are a number of key questions on the form, which are explained as follows:


Before an official offer to work as a volunteer or a consumer participant is made at least two references will be checked by AWH. The referees given by the applicant must be recent or relevant to the application. If AWH is in doubt as to the nature of the referees, the applicant may be asked for clarification and / or asked to provide other referees. AWH reserves the right to check references. However, no approach will be made to your referees without your permission and provision of the referee’s name implies permission.

Physical / Medical:

AWH is committed to providing a safe working environment for all volunteers and consumer participants. It is our objective to ensure that volunteers and consumer participants are not required to complete tasks that they are not able to perform safely.

Police Checks:

Police checks or their equivalent are required by AWH for all volunteer and some consumer participant applicants (dependent on the level of involvement in AWH activities). Due to the time taken to process a Police Check a Statutory Declaration may be sought as an interim measure to allow for training until a Police Check can be provided.

Public Liability:

AWH through Victorian Hospital Association and the Department of Human Services (VMIA) holds insurance cover for volunteer workers (including consumer participants) in respect of charitable and fundraising activities for the benefit of AWH. Insurance is also held to cover any motor vehicle insurance “excess” and payment incurred by the volunteer if their vehicle whilst being used for AWH volunteer or consumer participant work is involved in an accident. All other claims in relation to motor vehicles is through the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).