Consumer Representatives

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is a legislated and strategic advisory committee to the Albury Wodonga Health (AWH) Board of Directors. The CAC provides advice and guidance to the AWH Board regarding engagement with consumers, carers and community members. The CAC brings the voices of the community and consumers into the decision-making processes of AWH to ensure we develop services that are responsive to the needs of our diverse community.  CAC members provide information and advice on needs, demands and service developments from a community perspective.

What is the purpose and role of the Community Advisory Committee?

The CAC’s key purpose is to increase consumer, carer and community participation in the delivery of health services provided by AWH. The CAC’s roles are to:

  • Advocate to the AWH Board on behalf of the community, consumers and carers; and
  • Provide direction and leadership in the integration of consumer, carer and community views at all levels of AWH’s health service operations, planning and policy development.

The CAC is responsible for the development of the AWH Community Participation Plan and for input into the AWH Consumer and Community Engagement Framework.

Who are the Community Advisory Committee members?

The CAC has 8-12 members appointed by the AWH Board. Membership includes community representatives and AWH Board Directors, supported by members of the AWH senior management team. Community members are appointed as individuals, not as representatives of any organisation. ACA members are chosen for their ability to provide a consumer, care and/or community perspective and for their demonstrated interest and passion to improve health service delivery.

Members of the CAC are representatives on various AWH Working Groups and Committees including the Board sub-committees for quality and primary care and population health; the person-centred care committee and patient information project.

Current members are:

  • Matt Burke, OAM – Chair and AWH Board Director
  • Tim Farrah – AWH Board Director
  • Dr John Moran – AWH Board Director
  • Susan Owens - community member
  • Louise Lowe - community member
  • Lucie Wallis - community member
  • Tracey Fraser - community member
  • Herman Veltkamp - community member
  • Chris Westwood - community member

Community Advisory Committee Achievements to date include: 

Input into Albury Wodonga Health’s:

  • Strategic Plan
  • Quality of Care Report
  • Disabled parking review
  • Way finding and signage project
  • Cultural Diversity Plan
  • Disability Action Plan

Consumer Participation is Important at AWH

  • Consumer participation is a democratic right
  • Health professionals sometimes do not see things from a consumer perspective
  • Consumer participation is one way to improve services to ensure they are inclusive of all groups
  • Consumer participation can help improve health outcomes
  • Consumer participation can assist AWH to develop new models of care
  • Consumers can contribute to improvements in quality and safety

Getting Involved!

If you would like further information about how to apply to be a CAC member, please contact Janet Chapman, Executive Director Regional Partnerships and Planning as below:

Albury Wodonga Health

PO Box 326
Albury 2640

P: 02 6058 4823    E: