We are committed to community participation and encourage consumers, carers and community members to get involved to help maintain a high quality health service for the AHW catchment community.

To learn more about consumer participation at AWH, please refer to the AWH Consumer and Community Engagement Framework. The Framework establishes a foundation for AWH to build on its community and consumer participation activities and provides a shared understanding of what engagement and participation means at AWH.

Why Participate?

  • To improve health outcomes
  • To make health services more accountable and more responsive to consumer needs
  • To improve the quality and safety of health care
  • To help health service planning

How might you participate?

At AWH consumers, carers and community members contribute in a variety of ways. Some examples include:

  • Become a consumer advisory – contact the volunteer coordinator to register your interest at 'How to register'
  • Responding to patient satisfaction surveys
  • Providing feedback on AWH services
  • Involvement in focus groups, interviews and workshops
  • Involvement on committees and working groups
  • Volunteering to undertake patient experience surveys

 If you would like to register your interest in participating please visit the 'How to register' page.

AWH has a Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC), The CAC provides advice and guidance to the AWH Board regarding engagement with consumers, carers and community members. It brings the voices of the community and consumers into the decision-making processes of AWH to ensure we develop services that are responsive to the needs of our diverse community.  CAC members provide information and advice on needs, demands and service developments from a community perspective.

For more information, and how to apply go to the Consumer Advisory Committee page