The Midwife Care Program at Wodonga Hospital offers women with uncomplicated low risk pregnancies an alternative to traditional forms of care. The focus of the Midwife Care Program is to educate, empower, and prepare birthing women and their support people for their birth. The program provides an opportunity for women, their partners and families to participate fully in their pregnancy preparation and birthing experience.

We have three small teams of dedicated Midwives who are responsible for your care throughout the pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. When you come onto our Midwife Care Program you will be assigned to a team, (Lillypilly, Emerald or Ruby) who will be part of  your pregnancy journey. We will try and get you back into the same team if you have had a previous pregnancy so you are familiar with some of the midwives.

You will have up to nine appointments with the midwives through your pregnancy and two, to three appointments with your chosen Obstetric GP. All of your Midwife appointments are 30 minutes long to allow for questions and be provided with education. We encourage couples to attend Antenatal Classes as our education compliments what you will learn more thoroughly in a class. There is no charge for your appointments with the midwife and the program covers the cost of the three visits to your Obstetric GP (at approximatel. 20, 36 and 41 weeks of pregnancy).

Please be aware that we do have set criteria and there are conditions, listed on the Midwife Care Referral Form. This criteria may exclude you from this program. The decision rests with the Midwife or your Doctor, as determined by the screening process. Should complications develop, women will be referred back to their Obstetric GP who is able to provide antenatal care and specialist referral if required. The program runs every day of the week with one clinic running offsite in Albury at the Community Health Centre in Smollet St. Appointment times are scheduled according to your stage of pregnancy.

If you are interested in being on the Midwife Care Program, please phone anytime from 12 weeks of pregnancy. (preferably before 20 weeks as numbers in the teams are limited). Your screening call will then be scheduled and your appointments can be made.

For more information please see the brochure: Midwife Care Program


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