Welcome to Albury Wodonga Health pharmacy service. Our pharmacy is now one of the largest in the border region. We provide information and advice on all aspects of drug therapy to healthcare professionals working within Albury Wodonga Health and within the community.

We provide information to patients who have questions about the medications they have been given. In particular, any concerns about the type of medication, formulation, how it works for them or any side effects they may be worried about.

Contact the helpline on (02) 6058 4664 

Our services are based at:

Albury Campus Wodonga Campus
Main Foyer
Albury Hospital
Borella Road,
Albury, NSW, 2640
Main Foyer
Wodonga Hospital
Vermont Street,
Wodonga, VIC, 3690
Monday to Friday 8:00am - 4:30 pm
Monday to Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm 
t: (02) 6058 4665
f: (02) 6058 4667
t: (02) 6051 7485
f:( 02) 6051 7489

Your medicines while in hospital

Albury Wodonga Health will provide the medicines you need to use while you are an inpatient. However, it is a good idea to bring your medicines with you, to make sure the exact dose and strength of your medicines is known. Our staff will hold your medicines for you during your stay and will return them to you before you leave.

We need to keep you safe while you are in hospital. It is very important that we have detailed knowledge of all the medicines that you are taking and why you are taking them.

This includes medicines that you may have purchased from health food shops, supermarkets or over the counter in pharmacies. Some of these products may not be safe for you to take at this time.

Medicines may include:

  • tablets, capsules or liquids, patches, creams and ointments
  • drops and sprays for eyes, nose, ears and mouth
  • inhalers and puffers
  • injections or implants
  • pessaries or suppositories.

How can you help manage your medicines safely in hospital

  • letting staff know if you are allergic to any medications
  • speaking up about your medicines
  • asking questions if you are unsure about your medicines
  • finding out about what your medicines are for
  • discussing options with your doctor
  • making sure you understand how to take your medicines
  • making certain all medications are explained to you before transfer or discharge.

Clinical pharmacy service

We have a number of specialist pharmacists with experience in audit, drug evaluation and drawing up prescribing guidelines, formularies and shared care policies. In addition to our centralised service, the department has adopted a model of patient-centered pharmacy – whereby pharmacists are based on the wards to answer any of your questions.

Technical services

We have a sterile preparative services department at both campuses, making sterile medications including Day Ward medical infusions, pediatric chemotherapy and antibiotic infusions for patients in the Hospital in the Home Program.

The fully equipped sterile manufacturing suites are tested and accredited annually.

Do I have to pay for medications?

You will not be charged for medication that you receive while staying in hospital.

New medications on discharge

If your hospital doctor prescribes new or different medication for your care after discharge, he/she will write a discharge prescription for each medication which can be dispensed at the Pharmacy Department at Albury and at Wodonga. The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) subsidises your discharge prescriptions, and your prescription charges contribute to reaching the PBS Safety Net. Ask for a safety net printout with your discharge prescriptions to take to your community pharmacy.

You will be charged a patient co-payment which is similar to community pharmacy charges.

Your GP will be informed of your medications.

Ordering Outpatient or Repeat Prescriptions

The pharmacies can dispense any Hospital PBS prescriptions written at Albury Wodonga Health (AWH) or from any other public hospital in Victoria (not community PBS scripts by your GP).

Help us to have your medication available when you arrive at the pharmacy by:

  1. Keeping your Repeat prescriptions here at the hospital pharmacy
  2. Ringing the pharmacy 48 hours (or 2 working days) before you require your medication so that we can prepare your prescription and/or order any stock that is required.