Your Privacy

What information is collected and why

When you are treated at Albury Wodonga Health (AWH), we create a personal medical record. This record contains your:

  • Name and address
  • Phone number
  • Medical condition
  • Treatment and advice

Each time you come to hospital your details are checked. New information is added to your record if needed.

The National Healthcare Identifier may be used to ensure that healthcare information is correctly matched to you as part of providing your healthcare at AWH.

Why this information is needed

We collect this information to give you the best care we can. By checking your medical record we can:

  • Work out the treatments that are safe and useful for you
  • Ensure tests aren't repeated without reason

How AWH protects your personal information

Your medical record is kept:

  • In a paper file and/or
  • On our computer system
  • It is safely stored in our Health Information Department.

We have strict rules on who can access it. All staff have confidentiality rules to follow. Medical, nursing and allied health students taught here must adhere to the same confidentiality rules.

Sometimes we may have to use identifiable information. This would only be at times such as bedside handover. This is to help you get the best care.

Your local Doctor / Community Health Service
When you are discharged from AWH we often send a letter to your Doctor or other health care provider. This helps them continue your health care.

This letter can include:

  • Your treatment
  • Your medications
  • Special instructions

If you do not want this information sent, please let staff know.

Other people who may get information about you
At times AWH is required by law to give information about you. Examples of this include:

  • Cases of legal action under Court Order
  • Reporting of notifiable diseases
  • Investigations of child abuse or neglect
  • State and Commonwealth government agencies for reporting purposes
  • Family Violence Act information sharing
  • For Quality and Safety purposes as authorised by the Health Services Act 1988.

Your information is protected from further disclosure by relevant state and federal legislation. 

Accessing your Health Record

We have adopted a Privacy Policy which is based on the National Privacy Principles. This allows you the right to apply for access to your medical record and personal information held by Albury Wodonga Health.

During your hospital stay the healthcare staff are the best source of information to answer questions about your care and treatment. If you identify any information that is incorrect or you do not agree with, you may request that it is amended. Speak with a staff member or a Health Information Manager who will arrange access or amendment to your information.

If you would like to request access to your information please contact the facility that you received your care from and /or put your request in writing by completing the Freedom of Information Application Form.

Would you like more information about your Health Record, privacy or confidentiality?

If you have any further questions please contact: The Albury Wodonga Health Privacy Officer during business hours on telephone (02) 6051 7331 or contact the The Victorian Health Services Commissioner on telephone on  1800 136 066, or the New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission telephone on 1800 043 159

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