Welcome to Albury Wodonga Health (AWH) Maternity Services. We offer a caring and friendly service, designed around a woman’s individual needs to support them on their pregnancy journey.

For an overview of your pregnancy journey, check out Albury Wodonga Health's pregnancy map.

Our team of Midwives and nurses, Medical team including Obstetricians, Doctors and Paediatricians, as well as and Allied Health professionals, provide personalised care that aims to reassure you through an exciting and emotional experience. As Albury Wodonga Health is a teaching hospital you may be cared for by a student midwife or nurse or medical student under the direction of a registered practitioner.

It is recommended that you make an appointment with a midwife, General Practitioner (GP), or nominated caregiver as soon as you find out you are pregnant to ensure your antenatal care can start.

We look forward to welcoming and caring for you and your family at AWH Maternity Services. 

Please refer to your Maternity Care Patient Information Booklet for models of care, and information about services.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, a problem in a previous pregnancy, a multiple pregnancy or any type of pregnancy related problem your care will involve consultation, coordination and planning with a specialist obstetric doctor.

While birthing takes place at AWH’s Wodonga Hospital, there is a range of pregnancy care options available across Albury, Wodonga and surrounds. Please see maternity booklet for more information.



Congratulations, you are pregnant so your first midwife or doctor’s appointment should happen before you are 10 weeks. This is a good time to discuss your thoughts, concerns and wishes with your midwife or doctor who will help guide you through your pregnancy journey while recognising your individual needs.

If you are more than 10 weeks pregnant and are yet to see a GP or midwife, contact a GP or midwife to talk about your pregnancy options.

Sometimes a woman may need to be admitted to hospital for assessment and monitoring prior to giving birth due to her own medical condition or that of her unborn baby. During this time your care will be coordinated by a specialist obstetric team with the midwives in the ward providing personalised care to you and your support person.

Pregnancy Care Options

AWH offers inpatient antenatal care, a Midwife Care Program, compassionate and family focused birthing and postnatal services and a Domiciliary service whereby you are offered a visit by a midwife in your home following discharge. 

The woman's individual care needs and circumstances will be considered when choosing the most appropriate care model. Some high risk, or at risk, complicated pregnancies may require additional medical or other support.  Importantly, we work in partnership with the woman.  

For more information on the Midwife Care Program please visit their page, and here to view our videos on a ward tour, pain management and breastfeeding.

For full pregnancy care options please refer to our Maternity Care Patient Information Booklet.


All women who plan to birth at AWH Wodonga Hospital will need to book-in. Please phone 02 6051 7240 for your appointment. Please book in early, we recommend you book between 12 and 16 weeks. 

At this appointment your midwife will talk through your health history and explore available pregnancy care options. Your health, and the health of your baby is important so regular antenatal visits will be scheduled throughout your pregnancy.

Go to PregnancyBirthBaby for information about check-ups, tests and scan during your pregnancy.

Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes help prepare parents for the arrival of their baby and provide an understanding of the birth process and what to expect in the postpartum period. We aim to provide education so you feel well informed about what to expect and walk away feeling empowered and excited. Any one is welcome to attend, with a particular focus on encouraging parents expecting their first baby.

Classes offer information relating to pregnancy, labour and early parenting and an opportunity for discussion and share experiences with other parents.

There is a range of classes including all day classes and 4 week series. These are ran face to face at the Wodonga Maternity Unit by one of our midwives. In certain circumstances, we do have the option to provide these online.

We also offer several other class options, including our Young Parent’s class, for those pregnant women 23yrs or younger, free of charge.

We offer a specific class for patients who are on the Midwife Care Program at AWH.

Prices vary on the day and style of class. For further information on dates, class availabilities and to book, please go to the Trybooking link.

If you have any questions regarding Antenatal Classes, please contact the Antenatal Reception on (02) 6051 7240


AWH recognises the importance of promoting and supporting breastfeeding, however, we acknowledge that not all women choose or are able to breastfeed.

There are midwives and lactation consultants available to provide assistance on the ward or in the special care nursery and free Feeding Support Clinic (by appointment) once you are home.

Check out the AWH video on breastfeeding

You can also find more information at Australian Breastfeeding Association

Aboriginal Women – we actively support the services of the Koori Maternity Support Worker  for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women having a baby. Working with Albury Wodonga Health they provide additional and culturally appropriate support during the antenatal period and the postnatal period. AWH has, in consultation with Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation, recently launched an Indigenous cultural kit to enhance a positive birthing experience for Indigenous women. Support is delivered by outreach or within the hospital.

Cultural Considerations – Albury Wodonga Health acknowledge and is considerate of cultural requirements. We will work with the woman and where practicable preferences will be met however this cannot be guaranteed.

Overseas Patients – please go to our fees and charges page. 

Congratulations on deciding to have your baby with us at Albury Wodonga Health. We aim to support you to have a positive birthing experience.

Our dedicated and compassionate team are trained to care for you and your baby throughout the birth and the exciting days that follow. We put you and your baby's needs first, focusing on providing the support and care you require.

We aim to ensure our maternity services:

  • are safe and appropriate to you and your baby’s needs;
  • are consistent with standards, evidence-informed guidelines and best practice;  
  • provide support and care that is based on partnership, information, choice and informed consent.

Our staff work closely with doctors including obstetricians and paediatricians in the community, which means we will all work together to ensure the best possible experience for you.

Also, as AWH is a teaching hospital, you will encounter medical and midwifery students during your interactions with the maternity unit.  

When should I call the hospital?

Be informed and know the signs of early labour remembering that this early stage can take some time. If in doubt call your midwife or the maternity team at the hospital 02 6051 7250.

I am worried

Please call your midwife or the maternity team at the hospital on 02 6051 7250, or if you experience any the following:

  • your waters break, or
  • you experience vaginal bleeding, or
  • your baby is not moving in its normal pattern, or
  • you are less than 37 weeks pregnant and you have signs of labour, or
  • you are concerned about yourself or your unborn baby, or
  • You experience severe constant pain, or
  • You experience severe headache or blurred vision, or
  • You experience very smelly vaginal discharge, or
  • You experience a hard blow to your tummy, for instance a car accident or a fall, or
  • You experience constant itching.

Who can support me in the birth suite?

Your support person can be your partner, a family member or a friend. This is someone of your choosing and someone who can support you through your labour and birth. Please see current AWH guidelines for restrictions on visitors and birth partners.

When I go into labour?

Always phone the maternity ward when in labour and or, planning to come in 02 6051 7250.

What are my pain relief options?

Please see the pain management in labour video produced by AWH here.

I am being induced

Typically an induction is offered because:

  • your pregnancy has gone longer than 41 weeks – an induction may be planned so that you give birth to your baby by 42 weeks;
  • you have a health concern, such as high blood pressure;
  • your doctor or midwife is concerned about your baby’s growth, movements or well being;
  • your waters have broken and labour has not started on its own.

An induction is always carried out in a hospital maternity unit, with your informed consent while still under the care of the midwifery and medical team.  Your doctor will discus this procedure with you at your appointments so you are sure about the process. For further information go to Safer Care Victoria induction of labour.

I am having a caesarean section

For women booked for a caesarean section (C-section) you will be admitted on the morning of your scheduled surgery. In the weeks leading up to your planned caesarean section will be required to attend an antenatal anaesthetic assessment clinic at the Maternity Unit where you will speak to both a member of the anaesthetics team and a midwife. Here you will have the opportunity to discuss your questions and plans.

Women who have had a caesarean section are planned for discharge 72 hours following the birth of their baby.


We look forward to making your first days with your newborn comfortable and happy. With a dedicated team around you, we will help support you while you get to know your new baby.

Our midwifery team will assist you with parenting skills including breastfeeding or bottle feeding techniques, settling methods and how to change, bathe and wrap your baby, while also providing additional care to women who require increased medical support.  

Your baby will be assessed by a doctor prior to discharge and they will also provide care planning to women and babies who require specialised care both before and following birth.

Discharge times vary according to the individual, but generally if you had an uncomplicated vaginal birth you can expect to be discharged within 48 hours, if you had a caesarean section (C-Section) discharge will be within 72 hours post-surgery.

Time in the post-natal ward will ensure you can recuperate from the birthing process and ensure the wellbeing off you and your baby. Additional support with feeding, breastfeeding, parenting education as well physical and psychological health care is available if required.

You will be supported to settle at home as soon as possible after the birth, with a focus on your needs and those of your baby. The Midwife will discuss hospital discharge with you and how you can be supported with individualised care.

My first days at home

The hospital will organise the domiciliary midwife to attend your home, (with your consent), in the first two days from discharge. If you live out of the allocated region we can organise the Outreach Midwife to visit you. You are then discharged and the relevant maternal and child health service will contact you depending on where you live.

For Victorian residents the Victorian Maternal and Child Health Service is a free universal primary health service available for all Victorian families with children from birth to school age.

For NSW residents, the NSW Child and Family Health Nursing Services, child and family health nurses play a key role in the provision of community child and family health services and provide early contact with families.

Feeding Support Service

There are midwives and lactation consultants available to provide additional assistance on the ward and free breastfeeding support clinics re available once you are home.

The Albury Wodonga Health Tresillian Parents and Babies Service offer guidance to support parents in the early years of a child's life, include settling, crying, feeding and emotional health.  

Perinatal Emotional Health Program

We recognise that pregnancy and the arrival of a baby can be a mixture of joy and anxiety, and there is much to prepare for both physically and emotionally. Albury Wodonga Health, Mental Health's team offer a Perinatal Emotional Health Program with access to early motherhood groups across Wodonga, Albury and Wangaratta.