We provide drug and alcohol support to individuals living in Albury, Culcairn, Corowa and immediate surrounding areas in New South Wales. 

AWH works with clients to achieve their individual goals to improve their health and wellbeing, and that of their families while working towards harm minimisation from drug and alcohol misuse.

When alcohol or drugs are cut down or stopped individuals can experience mild to severe withdrawal symptoms, causing harm to your body. It is important to be aware that it can be dangerous to suddenly stop using alcohol and other drugs. 

Based on assessment we can offer counselling, and working with a nominated counsellor assist with the impacts of drug and alcohol misuse while providing education, harm minimisation and relapse prevention.

Depending on an individual's needs we can provide home based support with an AWH withdrawal nurse who will work with the individual, their GP and nominated support person.  

Services and support for residents of Victoria are provided by Gateway Health, click here.

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Our specialist nurse can provide support for testing and treatment and clients can attend the Albury Community Health centre for a prescribed treatment course.  Contact the Community Alcohol and Drug centre, Smollett Street.

Clean injecting equipment is available, 24 hours from Albury Community Health from a vending machine at the front of the building. There is also an additional machine at Albury hospital. 

Clients can also have access to wider range of equipment during business hours, Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm.

This program is for people who are dependant on using opiates including heroin and prescribed opiates (e.g. morphine).  The program is a case managed model of care so individuals can reduce harms in other aspects of their life while accessing a safer medication option. 

The Albury area does not have public dosing, all dosing is provided by some local Pharmacies who are part of the program.

AWH also provides drug and alcohol support services at these two regional centres;

  • Corowa – Located at Health One, the service operates 2.5 day per week, please call 02 6033 7555 for more information.
  • Culcairn, Holbrook, Henty and surrounding areas - Located at Culcairn Hospital. Additional services may be provided on a needs basis, please call 02 6058 1800 for more information.

The Australian Government funds this pilot scheme, which can save lives through preventing over-dose from opiate use.  Clients can access two products (nasal spray or pre-filled syringe) during business hours, Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm.  Dedicated trained AWH staff will provide a short explanation on how to use the product.

For more information on this Australian Government pilot, click here