Book a JEV or COVID-19 vaccination


To have a Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) at one of our clinics, an online booking is now required.

In the information below, go to Vaccination and testing services

Then go to Vaccination clinic dates and times.

A URL appears under the relevant clinics in each time where we are providing outreach services. Book by clicking on the link shown for the town you wish to have your vaccination in.

  • To download a FAQ sheet, click here
  • If you are eligible by your residential address or workplace, we have created checklist to help inform you on whether you should be vaccinated. Download this here

Please note: OM PHU vaccination clinics only vaccinate those aged over five.  Please talk to your pharmacist, GPs or Council. who are providing vaccinations across the catchment, if you have children under five you wish to have vaccinated.