Welcome to Albury Wodonga Health’s cross-border Mental Health Service providing mental health support from Southern New South Wales, to North East Victoria 

We are currently updating the web content for AWH's Mental Health services, we thank you for your patience, meanwhile if you need access to any urgent services please call the AWH Mental Health 24 hour support help line 1300 104 211 or email mhtriage@awh.org.au

Albury Wodonga Health’s Mental Health Service provides specialist clinical assessment, treatment and on-going care to people who have, or who are at risk of a serious mental illness or suicide. Across a range of disciplines they support people of all ages including people with co-occurring substance use problems. Person centred care is provided through a recovery focused model for both urgent and non-urgent cases. 

Albury Wodonga Health (AWH) has 10 specialty community based mental health services, plus three acute care services and three recovery and rehabilitation facilities as well as a service specialising in supporting families, where a parent has a mental illness as well as connecting people to carer consultants.  

The Mental Health team comprises mental health clinicians with a background in nursing, occupational therapy, social work and psychologists, all of whom have experience in helping people through a range of therapies and medical treatment.

Mental health conditions are often characterised by a disturbance of thought, mood, perception and behaviour which causes distress or difficulties.  Mild or sever, mental illness can make your everyday routine challenging or seem impossible to deal with.  It is a good idea to seek help early if you, or someone you know, is facing mental health challenges.

AWH Mental Health Services covers a wide geographical area, spanning 50,000 square kilometres from Southern New South Wales, to North East Victoria.  Both short-term crisis support and longer term case managed continuing care is available in the region.

Help is also available 24 hours, 365 days, through a triage service with clinicians, trained in crisis assessment, who are able to provide telephone crisis support services around the clock. 

Please call 1300 104 211 or email mhtriage@awh.org.au