North East & Border Mental Health Service (NEBMHS) provides specialist clinical assessment, treatment and on-going care to people of all ages who have, or are at risk of serious mental illness or suicide, including people with co-occurring substance use problems. NEBMHS has 5 specialty mental health services based in the community along with 7 various inpatient units for acute and sub-acute/rehabilitation care. All services are regionally based - your age and residential address determines which services are available to you.

Triage clinicians are rostered 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to provide telephone crisis support service.

Anyone may contact NEBMHS Triage services if you are concerned about changes in your mental health or someone you care for. Please call 1300 104 211.

These services are community based and are designed to support you in your recovery.

NEBMHS is regionally based. Depending on where you live in the North East Hume Region determines which mental health service is available to you. Nearly 10,000 children, adults and older people will seek assistance from some part of the service each year.

Further information regarding your residential location and accessing your nearest Mental Health Service can be found at: A detailed information booklet is available here.