The aim of the Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre (AWRCC) is to bring together, where possible, all the cancer related services which are currently scattered across Albury and Wodonga, making it easier for cancer patients and their families.

The AWRCC will enable the improved coordination of care through:

  • Having cancer treatment services located at the one site;
  • Space for clinics to be provided by visiting local and metropolitan specialists such as surgeons, cancer genetics, allied health, and palliative care;
  • Cancer nurse coordinators will be co-located with the clinicians;
  • Common meetings rooms for all service providers to enable collaborative care of patients and their families; and State of the art videoconferencing facilities will enable collaboration with specialists outside Albury Wodonga.

Hilltop Accommodation

Cancer Council Liaison

Transport to Treatment Services

Cancer Care Coordinators

Cancer Care Coordinators are specialist nurses who provide support, resources and information to you and your family at any time throughout your cancer journey.

Each person’s experience of cancer is unique and individual needs may differ. You may have questions regarding treatments, tests, concerns about your family or how the health system works.

Cancer Care Coordinators can help you by:

  • Assisting you to understand your disease and treatment options
  • Coordinating care and making appropriate referrals to other services such as allied health or palliative care
  • Providing emotional support including Information about support groups and services available in the area
  • Helping to understand and access the financial and practical supports that may be available for you and your family.

This is no charge for this service


You can self-refer or have a health professional refer you by calling: (02) 6064 1539 / (02) 6064 1595.  Office hours are Monday to Thursday and alternating Fridays 8.30am-5pm.