The AWH Board has six sub-committees to assist and advise the Board on the governance, performance and strategic direction of the health service. These committees include:

Audit and Risk Committee – meets bi-monthly to fulfil the Board’s oversight and assurance responsibilities in the key areas of financial accounts and performance reporting, internal controls, legislative compliance, risk management and internal and external audit.
Members: Dr Rowan O’Hagan (Chairperson), Ms Cath Prichard, Dr Kristy Robson

Finance Committee – meets monthly to provide effective financial oversight of AWH as well as ensuring that the organisation is operating with the financial resources required to provide the necessary care and services to the community. 
Members: Mr Doug McRae (Chairperson), Ms Angela Verde, Dr Rowan O’Hagan, Ms Jo-Anne Mazzeo

Quality Committee – its role is to monitor, evaluate and inform the Board in respect to AWH’s performance in the delivery of safe, effective, integrated high quality care and in the continuous improvement of the health service. 
Members: Ms Cath Prichard (Chairperson), Dr Kristy Robson (Deputy Chair), Mr Doug McRae, Dr Rowan O’Hagan, Dr James Mackie

Executive Remuneration Committee – meets as required to review performance and determine remuneration of the executive management. 
Members: Mr Doug McRae (Chairperson), Ms Cath Prichard, Dr Rowan O’Hagan, Mr Matthew Burke OAM

Community Advisory Committee - meets monthly to bring the voices of the community and consumers to decision-making processes at AWH. Members provide information and advice on needs, demands and service developments from a community perspective. 
Members: Mr Matthew Burke OAM

Primary Care and Population Health Committee - meets quarterly to plan, review and monitor primary care and population health outcomes for the community. The Committee continues to consider Aboriginal health, care of older people and mental health services in the region. There has also been a focus on expanding the membership of the Committee to strengthen AWH’s collaboration with other health and human services agencies and improve the advice provided to the Board on key population health issues and needs for AWH’s catchment community. 
Members: Ms Angela Verde (Chairperson), Dr Kristy Robson