The AWH Board has six sub-committees to assist and advise on the governance, performance and strategic direction of the health service. These are:

Board Finance, Audit Infrastructure & Risk Subcommittee

Meets bi-monthly and is responsible for recommending policies, goals and budgets to the Board which support the purpose, aspiration, values and strategic goals of AWH. This committee is focused on financial management, enterprise risks and efficiency matters, enabling the Board to fulfil its corporate governance requirements with oversight responsibilities.  It provides assurance in key areas such as financial accounts, capital redevelopment and infrastructure, adaptable and secure patient systems with supported IT structures and architecture.

Members: Dr Rowan O'Hagan (Chair), Mr Ashley Boyd, Mr Ross Dallimore, Mr Jonathan Green (Board Chair)


Board Patient, Safety, Quality and Service Review Subcommittee

Meets bi-monthly functioning under the authority of the Board in accordance with the Health Services Act 1988 (HSA), Section 65S (2).  The HSA delegates authority to this subcommittee to monitor, support and promote the delivery of best practice for clinical care and safety and to oversee quality improvement initiatives.

Members: Dr James Mackie (Chair), Ms Ann Maree Keenan, Mr Trent Dean, Mr Jonathan Green (Board Chair)


Board People Safety & Governance Subcommittee

Meets bimonthly to monitor and evaluate the performance of AWH through establishing and building a positive culture; a culture that meets the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviours, complying and representing the views and values of AWH focussing on personal conduct, including growth for all employees, contractors, and volunteers.

Members: Ms Angela Verde (Chair),  Dr James Mackie, Mr Ross Dallimore, Mr Jonathan Green (Board Chair)


Board Community Engagement Subcommittee 

Meets quarterly providing direction and leadership in relation to the integration of consumer, carer, lived experience, including community views, to all levels of AWH operations, planning and policy.  It is complemented by the AWH Community & Consumer Participation Framework and AWH Community Participation Plan.

Members: Trent Dean (Chair), Mr Ashley Boyd, Mr Jonathan Green (Board Chair)


Board Primary Care and Population Health Engagement Subcommittee

Engages quarterly with a broad range of local health services and community stakeholders to plan, review and monitor primary care and population health outcomes for the community. A legislated and strategic advisory committee to the AWH Board of Directors, providing advice and guidance to AWH regarding the primary care and population health needs of its catchment community and assists AWH to meet the NSQHS (National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards) for population health.

Members: Ms Angela Verde (Chair),  Ms Ann Maree Keenan


Board Executive Remuneration Subcommittee

The BERS meets biannually and is required by the Victorian State Services Authority to establish an Executive Remuneration Subcommittee. The scope of the Board Executive Remuneration Subcommittee (BERS) is to consider issues that relate to the remuneration of AWH Executives who hold contracts of the type regulated by the Government Sector Executive Remuneration Panel (GSERP) appointed by the Premier.

Members: Mr Jonathan Green (Chair), Ms Angela Verde, Dr James Mackie