The Post Acute Care (PAC) Program provides community-based services to assist people to recuperate after leaving hospital. The program aims to prevent hospital readmission.

PAC services

PAC provides a range of community-based services based on the person's individually assessed needs. The most common services provided are:

  • Community nursing
  • Personal Care
  • Home Care

Services arranged by PAC are provided for the duration of the recuperative period and are generally of a short-term nature.

PAC works in conjunction with - but does not replace - the services provided by other programs, such as Home and Community Care (HACC), and Sub-acute Ambulatory Care Services (SACS).

Access to the PAC program

The PAC program supports:

  • People being discharged from a public hospital (acute or sub-acute) including Department of Veterans Affairs and Transport Accident Commission clients
  • People who have presented at a public hospital emergency department.

Fees and charges

No fees are charged, however there may be a charge for consumables such as wound dressings.


You can self refer for:
Hospital and or Health Professionals
Home Care
Meal preparation


Occupational Therapy
Speech Pathology
Community Nursing
Home Care
Meal preparation

Referrals can be made by GP clinics, Community Health Care providers and self-referrals are also accepted through the “Single Point of Entry” service.

Note referrals for clinical interventions for example wound care i.e. Nursing and Allied Health require a written referral from a Health Professional.

The Victorian PAC Directory shows which service has responsibility for service delivery to residents of specific post code areas.