Albury Wodonga Health Research Office is responsible for the governance of research projects at Albury Wodonga Health, as well as the oversight of the Albury Wodonga Health Human Research Ethics Committee (AWHHREC).

Our Research Office is committed to building research capacity in the region in collaboration with tertiary education institutions. Collaborations include partnerships with Charles Sturt University, La Trobe University and University of New South Wales.

Albury Wodonga Health (AWH) staff are encouraged to participate in research activities either as an investigator, partner, or contributor of clinical expertise to research project and analysis.

AWH works with our partners to provide opportunities for staff to build their knowledge, skills and confidence in research related areas. We also work with other health services to facilitate ethical consideration of their own research projects through the AWHHREC. For a full account of our recent research activities, please review Research Report 2019-2020.

Please use the AWH Research Request Form to contact the Research Office about your proposed research project. All research, both single-site and multi-site, needs to be approved by our Research Governance Officer (RGO) before proceeding through to Ethics:

Ethics Committee

The Albury Wodonga Health Human Research Ethics Committee (AWHHREC) operates in accordance with the NHMRC National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research 2007 (Updated 2018). The AWHHREC's primary role is to protect the welfare and the rights of participants in research.

The AWHHREC considers clinical research projects or any research project involving humans undertaken at Albury Wodonga Health (both Albury & Wodonga Campuses), Murray Valley Private Hospital, Albury and Wodonga Private Hospital, Mercy Health Service, and various other Albury / Wodonga Community organisations. If you are unsure if your project is Low Negligible Risk (LNR) or requires a full Human Research Ethics Application Form (HREA), contact our Research Office using our Research Request Form.

Update: Please note all Ethics meetings will be carried out via videoconferencing during the national response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

For more information about research and HRECs during the COVID-19 Pandemic see the Guidance on clinical trials for institutions, HRECs, researchers and sponsors

AWHHREC Applications

The Ethical Review Manager (ERM) website enables electronic ethics applications for research. The website hosts a licensed copy of the NHMRC's HREA form for electronic submission to review committees within Queensland Health, Victoria and Mater Brisbane, as well as the Queensland Health and Victorian Site Specific Assessment (SSA) Form, Queensland's Public Health Act Application (PHA) and the Victorian Specific Module (VSM).

Help using the portal is available.
See links below or contact, or the Coordinating Office for Clinical Trial Research

2020 AWHHREC meeting deadlines and dates

Submit your application to ERM by:

14 October, for meeting on 28 October 2020

25 November, for meeting on 9 December 2020

Fee Schedule

The fees for the submission of research applications are below and include GST. Invoices for governance and ethics fees are sent to the Principal Investigator. Ethics fees are only associated with projects requiring HREA.






Commerically sponsored clincal trials 




Unsponsored clinical trials




Non-clinical trials (non-student / employee)          




Employee initiated trials