Albury Wodonga Health

Strategic Plan 2024-2028



Our key strategic pillars will guide and support the overall strategic direction of our organisation. These pillars serve as the foundational elements upon which the entire strategic plan is built.

“Our aim at Albury Wodonga Health is to empower healthy, safe, and inclusive communities by consistently providing exceptional high-quality care and delivering excellence in our work”

Jonathan Green 

Board Chair, Albury Wodonga Health 

Transforming for Our Future

We are excited to begin the future transformation of our organisation, Our Strategic Plan 2024-2028 (the Plan) will build upon our strong foundations to ensure we are a trusted health service for our community, our workforce, and our partners. We will focus on our long-term sustainability bolstering our digital capabilities, improving service efficiency, and embedding operational agility.

We will continue to advance the health and wellbeing of our community, with services that align to the needs and size of our region. We will deliver excellence in care, and continue to improve the experience of both our patients and our workforce.

We will grow, develop, and support our people and embed a culture of safety, learning, and quality improvement. We will strengthen training, education and research, and will develop the capabilities, integrated systems, and data-driven processes that will strengthen our impact, now and into the future.

We will also lead a collaborative regional health system focused on delivering safe, quality, and sustainable services to our regional and rural communities. We will achieve this through the integration of care across our network of primary, community, and acute health systems.

Finally, it's important our community is actively engaged with and retains pride in, our service. This Plan has been informed by the generous contributions of our community, our workforce, our volunteers, and our partners. We are appreciative of their valued contributions.

“Our plan for the next five years is bold, ambitious and transformative

and maps the challenges and opportunities ahead.

We will look back on 2022-2023 as a pivotal year which laid

the foundation for everything to come.”

Bill Appleby

CEO, Albury Wodonga Health