Our dedicated paediatric team is lead by the director of Paediatrics Dr. Mark Norden and Nurse Unit Manager Samantha Peet.  Our team consists of four paediatricians, a Paediatric surgeon, 3 ENT surgeons, and general surgeons that care for a varied age range of patients.

On the ward you will also be visited by a range of Registrars, residents and allied health professionals who may also care for your child on a day to day basis under the guidance of a senior medical officer. 

All Staff caring for your loved ones are passionate about the field of paediatrics and are actively involved in undertaking ongoing paediatric educational programs to ensure we remain at the forefront of new medical advancements and to ensure we deliver the best care for your child. 

AWH has a dedicated paediatric unit that is located at the Albury campus and only admits paediatric patients. We are a 16 bed unit that caters for medical, surgical and mental health paediatric clients. The paediatric unit cares for infants, children and adolescents ranging from ages 0-16 years of age.

Children are encouraged to bring with them:  Toiletries, pyjamas, favourite comforter (toy, dummy etc.). Parents should bring anything they need for an overnight stay including a pillow if they wish.

Portable DVD units, a wide range of DVD’s and toys are available for your child to use throughout their stay.


There is one general paediatric surgeon that operates in the area. There are three ear nose and throat surgeons who also do paediatric surgery.  Generally paediatrics patients presenting for elective procedures attend the paediatric unit, or the Albury day procedure unit.



Day only surgical cases for children can be undertaken at Wodonga from the Day Procedure Unit. See Day Procedure Unit for more information. 

Visiting hours in the Paediatric unit are flexible for immediate family, other friends and family are encouraged to visit between 0930-1300 and between 1500-2000. Parents are encouraged to spend as much time as they can with their children.

One care giver can stay with each paediatric client overnight. If staying overnight with your child a sofa bed is available next to your child’s bed.  There is a shower and toilet facility for parents just outside our ward. Parents are able to purchase meal vouchers to have meals sent to the ward with their child's meals or alternatively meals can be purchased at the hospital canteen or Cafe Pulse. You are more than welcome to have food brought in for yourself, we have kitchen facilities to heat meals.

In striving to always provide family centred care to all patients and their families we have developed a ‘top 5 care point’ tool to ensure a smooth patient journey for our clients and families with complex care needs. We encourage you to download and complete this tool so that we can work in partnership with you and provide care tailored to the individual needs of your child throughout their admission. Once you have complete the tool please contact the ward on 02 60584404 and discuss with the nurse in charge. You are also more than welcome to bring your child to the ward for a visit to familiarise them.

A Parents Guide to Hospitalisation  

Safer Care Victoria tonsil and adenoidectomy resources with the two following links :


OKEE APP helps Children

The free, game-based app, Okee in Medical Imaging, helps children aged four to eight years prepare for all medical imaging procedures, including X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and fluoroscopy.

The app is designed to reduce anticipatory fear of imaging procedures, while helping to ensure children attend imaging appointments equipped with the skills required for efficient and effective scans to be performed.

Royal Children's Hospital Educational Play Therapist, Siobhan Greene, who has worked with patients and families in the Royal Children's Hospital Medical Imaging department, said research showed children who were prepared for their procedures coped better.

See  the app in action here:


 Learn more and download for free:


The app was developed as a collaboration between the Medical Imaging department, Educational Play Therapy department and Educational Resource Centre at the RCH with digital agency Conduct.  Funding was generously provided by The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation. The app is currently available for free on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets and can easily be found by searching for ‘Okee’ or via the link above.


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