COVID-19 advice

Under new health guidelines, Victorians no longer need to register a positive RAT test online or through the Coronavirus Hotline.

In addition the Victorian Coronavirus Hotline is no longer operating and has been replaced with the National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080.

We can all stay well by choosing to stay ahead of COVID. Choose to stay safe by wearing a mask in indoor settings, getting together in well ventilated spaces and staying up to date with vaccinations.

The six steps to staying well are:

  1. Get vaccinated
  2. Wear a face mask indoors
  3. Let fresh air in
  4. Manage COVID-19 at home when you can
  5. Get tested if you are unwell
  6. Get medicines if you are at risk.

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Individuals at high risk of severe illness and eligible for antivirals are encouraged to see their GP to arrange a plan in the event they have COVID-19 symptoms.

People in this category who are symptomatic and test negative on a RAT should contact a GP or GP respiratory clinic to access PCR testing for early detection and effective treatment.

For the most up-to-date information, see the links below: