The HARP team works with people with complex health needs. We aim to help reduce the risk of being admitted to hospital.

People can be referred to HARP if they have:

  • presented to the emergency department
  • been admitted to hospital
  • a high risk of going to hospital AND
  • require linking to support services

People with complex health needs may have:

  • Chronic  medical conditions for example, chronic heart or lung disease, or difficulties with diabetes
  • Self-management  issues
  • Lives  alone and not coping
  • Fragile  supports and carer stress
  • Geographically  isolated
  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Difficulty with medications
  • Complex  psychosocial needs

To stay out of hospital we will help you:

  • Manage  better at home
  • Stay  as healthy as possible
  • Recognise  and manage changes in your health
  • Get the most out of your medical appointments
  • Understand your medications
  • Understand your health conditions
  • Make  healthy lifestyle changes such as improving diet and exercise
  • Access  community supports
  • Link  with other services

 HARP staff:

  • Motivate     
  • Educate     
  • Co-ordinate  services
  • Liaise with doctors and health professionals
  • Support  changes to improve health

Where is HARP available?  Our team can work with people either in their home or in the clinic.  We see people in:

  • Wodonga and Upper Hume Region
  • Albury area

Costs:   Our services are free.


Wodonga Hospital - CRC/Allied Health Service Building

73-75 Vermont St, Wodonga
3690 VIC


Operating Hours
Wodonga Hospital - CRC/Allied Health Service Building

Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5.00 pm