The aim of this service is to provide community based care to assist individuals to remain safe and steady in their home and social environments.

The service is for people of any age who are at risk of falls or have difficulties with their daily activities due to unsteadiness while standing and walking.

All clients will have access to an comprehensive falls assessment in their home. This services provides a centre based Falls and Balance education and exercise Group which runs for 9 weeks.

Falls and Balance Clinic

The Falls and Balance Clinic is a specialist multidisciplinary clinic that offers assessment, diagnosis, intervention, education and referral for people experiencing falls or balance problems where the cause is unknown. Clients referrals are accepted for those whom live in the community, have fallen at least once in the last 12 months and whom continue to fall, and falls with dizziness.

The main aim of the clinic is to provide people with specific recommendations to reduce factors that contribute to falls, and to minimize future injuries. The clinic involves a specialist assessment with the Geriatrician or Registrar and the clinic Physiotherapist, with access to Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Dietitian and the Nurse Gerontic Practitioner.

The Medical and Physiotherapy clinic appointments combined run for 2 hours and are located at the Wodonga Campus, CRC/Allied Health Service Building, 73 – 75 Vermont Street, Wodonga. 

Falls and Balance Clinic Brochure (PDF 344 KB)


Wodonga Hospital

CRC / Allied Health
73-75 Vermont St, Wodonga
3690 VIC

Albury Hospital

Allied Health
201 Borella Road, Albury
2640 NSW