Paediatric Speech Pathology - Wodonga falls under the Community Health Team.

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How do I refer to Speech Pathology?

  • Anyone can refer to Speech Pathology by calling our intake office. Victorian residents can contact 02 6051 7400 - NSW residents can contact 02 6058 1800. 
  • Children can be referred if they have not yet started primary school
  • Children can be referred if they are not receiving private Speech Pathology services or other services such as Early Intervention.

What do Speech Pathologists do?

  • Study 
  • Assess 
  • Diagnose 
  • Give advice 
  • Find the right tools
  • Provide therapy

For further information from Speech Pathology Australia:

What can Speech Pathologists help with?

  • Unclear speech sounds (like saying ‘tat’ instead of ‘cat’)
  • Difficulty understanding language and following directions
  • Difficulty putting sentences together
  • Limited vocabulary
  • Problems with voice
  • Stuttering
  • Fussy eating and swallowing problems
  • Difficulty with social skills
  • Difficulty with pre-literacy skills such as sound/letter knowledge and rhyming

What causes communication and swallowing difficulties? - Children can have difficulty with communication or swallowing/eating for a range of reasons, including:

  • Neuro-developmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy
  • Medical conditions such as cleft palate or vocal nodules
  • Family history of communication problems
  • History of ear infections, tonsillitis or other ear, nose and throat related issues
  • Unknown reasons

When should I refer, and when should I wait?

  • Often children do not simply ‘grow out’ of communication or swallowing problems, in some cases, things can worsen over time
  • If you are unsure if your child needs to see a Speech Pathologist, talk to your Maternal and Child Health Nurse, GP, or call 6051 7400 to speak with a Speech Pathologist.
  • As a parent/care-giver, you are a professional when it comes to your child, if you feel your child is having difficulty, it is worth contacting us to discuss your concerns or make a referral. 

 Speech Pathology Australia,