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Patients, families and carers will soon be able to access a variety of community outpatient services under one roof thanks to a new, purpose-built Community Outpatient Services Hub (COSH) in Wodonga.

Outpatient care refers to healthcare consultations, procedures and treatments that do not require individuals to be admitted to hospital for an overnight stay.

To be located next to Wodonga Hospital, the state-of-the-art facility will help Albury Wodonga Health (AWH) deliver improved community outpatient care needs, with a specific focus on palliative care and specialist services.

 “We are proud to be providing our community a purpose-built space for community outpatient needs focusing on palliative care and specialist services,” AWH’s Chief Operating Officer, Emma Poland, said.

Offering modern clinical consulting rooms, contemporary shared office spaces, and meeting rooms equipped with technology to enable virtual care and peer to peer collaboration, the two-story building will provide a comprehensive suite of sub-acute services (including rehabilitation, palliative and allied health) in one central location.

“The co-location of medical disciplines will help streamline the patient journey, and increase accessibility to appropriate care pathways and support for both staff and patients,” AWH’s Chief Operating Officer, Emma Poland, explained.

“By improving links between primary, community and hospital care, and supporting patient treatment outside of hospital settings when safe and appropriate, it is expected that the COSH will help reduce demand across other parts of the health system.”

In order to ensure the facility meets the needs of the community, it has been designed in consultation with clinicians, outpatient service leaders, and key subject matter experts.

“In time we also hope to engage the community in incorporating design elements such as local artwork, historic pictures and a memorial wall,” Emma said.

Made possible through funding contributions from both the Victorian Department of Health and the Australian Government, the project is expected to take 12 - 18 months to complete with construction commencing early next year.

Plans are in place to minimise interruptions to service delivery during the construction period.

You can learn more about the COSH project via our dedicated project page, which a 3D fly-though of the building design:

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