Media Statement

DATE: Tuesday 19 December 2023 

FROM: Albury Wodonga Health 

SUBJECT: Albury Hospital Campus Medical Ward 2 is Safe to Occupy


“Albury Wodonga Health is reassuring the community that Albury Hospital Campus Medical Ward 2 remains safe to occupy."

Chief of Infrastructure Shaun Strachan has reassured staff, patients, and the community that the building is safe.

“Since 2016, we have worked closely with local civil engineering consultancy firm Belvoir Consulting to identify, manage, and mitigate any structural issues that pose a potential risk to staff or patients.”

David Sharp, Director of Belvoir Consulting confirmed its latest assessment in November 2023 found no escalation of structural issues or safety concerns and advised Albury Wodonga Health the building continues to be safe to occupy.

The next structural and survey assessment of the Albury Hospital Campus Medical Ward 2 building is scheduled for January 2024.

AWH will continue to provide updates to staff, patients, and our community regarding the structural integrity and continued safety of Medical Ward 2.



Medical Ward 2 provides diagnostics and treatment of medical inpatients.


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