Albury Wodonga Health is pleased to be recruiting several Medical Registrar positions to join our Department of Medicine. We have a total of 18 Medical Registrar positions across the two acute campuses at Albury Hospital and Wodonga Hospital with five Registrars on rotation under the Greater Western BPT Consortia program. 


The vacant roles are available to Registrars who have joined the Royal Australasian College of Physicians training program as Basic Physician Trainees and General Medicine Advanced Trainees.

The Department of Medicine has excellent consultant support and exposure to a range of sub-specialty areas.

We have Level 2 accreditation for Basic Physician Training and can provide 2 core years of training. This will involve outpatient clinic exposure , a comprehensive education program, clinical exam preparation, Advanced Life Support training and Subspecialty terms.

AWH hosts the RACP divisional clinical exam annually and has 6 local examiners in the Department of Medicine regularly on ward service.

Level 2 accreditation includes the following:

  • train BPTs for 2 core years of training
  • provide subspecialty exposure including:
    • haematology
    • oncology
    • rehabilitation
    • cardiology
    • nephrology
    • endocrinology
    • infectious diseases
    • geriatrics
    • respiratory
    • palliative care
  • provide weekly outpatient clinic exposure for BPTs
  • RACP exam prep including
    • weekly short case tutorials
    • weekly long case presentation rosters
  • AWH host RACP clinical exam with 6 local examiners present and regularly on ward service
  • AWH have 4 General Medicine Advanced training positions accredited for 18months core training with opportunity be part of a network with Griffith hospital to increase to 2.5years of core training
  • AWH are developing a 3 year BPT network with RMH to provide a complete BPT pathway

AWH – Educational Activities Available to BPTs


Consultant-led handover 8:00am
Multidisciplinary team board meetings 10:15am

Twice weekly

Antimicrobial stewardship with Infectious Diseases Physician – Monday and Wednesday 1pm


Medical Grand Rounds - Friday 12:15-1pm (Mandatory protected teaching time)
Infectious Diseases Webinar - Tuesday 7:30am
Journal Club - Tuesday 8:00-8:30am (Mandatory protected teaching time)
MDTM lung lesions - Tuesday 7:30am
Stroke MDT case discussion - Tuesday 2:30pm
Radiology Meeting - Wednesday 11:30-12:15pm (Mandatory protected teaching time)
AWH BPT lectures/training - Wednesday 6-8pm (Mandatory protected teaching time)
RACP lecture series - Thursday 6pm
Outpatient Clinic attendance


Registrar feedback with DPE and DOM - every 3rd Friday 7:30-8:00am
Physician Peer Group Meeting - every 4th Friday 7:00-8:00am (Mandatory protected teaching time)
Morbidity and Mortality Meeting - every 3rd Thursday 7:00am


Interdisciplinary Peer Meetings
Clinical Exam Prep
Long case presentations 3/week
Weekly short cases

Basic Training Program Physicians