Quality in Health Care

The Quality and Clinical Governance Unit of Albury Wodonga Health works cooperatively with all disciplines, directorates and departments to continuously improve safety and quality in all aspects of patient care.

Guiding principles

The principles that guide quality management and clinical governance at Albury Wodonga Health include:

  1. Provision of high quality, and safe care and services is central to our vision and values.
  2. Quality, safety and risk management processes are integrated within all of the organisation's systems and across all disciplines and directorates.
  3. An open and just culture is fostered, quality and safety strategies are resourced and staff members are empowered to improve care and services.
  4. The quality program is coordinated by the Quality Unit. Governance oversight is provided by the Board through the Board Quality Committee.

Our quality program

The Albury Wodonga Health quality program is built around the Australian Safety and Quality Framework for Healthcare and promotes systems that are:

1. Consumer centred

  • Providing care that is easy for patients to get when they need it.
  • Making sure that healthcare staff respect and respond to patient choices, needs and values.
  • Forming partnerships between patients, their family, carers and healthcare providers.

2. Driven by information

  • Using up-to-date knowledge and evidence to guide decisions about care.
  • Safety and quality data are collected, analysed and feedback for improvement.
  • Taking action to improve patients' experiences.

3. Organised for Safety

  • Making safety a central feature of how the organisation is run, how staff work and how resourcing (funds) is organised.