Having a Baby at - AWH

Maternity Care Patient Information Booklet

Booking In to the Hospital to have your baby:Women are requested to attend the Maternity Unit at Wodonga Hospital for a booking-in visit prior to 16 weeks of pregnancy. Your Doctor will remind you to do this around 14 weeks into pregnancy. You can make an appointment to book in by phoning the Maternity Unit on Phone: (02) 60517240.

Pregnancy Care : At your first visit the Doctor or midwife will discuss your health background, your pregnancy and any concerns you may have. Your preferred model of care will also be discussed. Regular visits to the Doctor or Midwife during pregnancy is important for all woman

During your pregnancy you should be offered a series of antenatal appointments to check on your health and the health of your baby. During your antenatal appointments you will be given information about your care. You will be also be given the opportunity to discuss and ask questions.

Models of care: There are different models of care available to suit a woman’s individual needs.

  • Obstetric General Practitioner (GP) Care: All appointments are with an Obstetric GP at his / her Medical Clinic. NOTE:Obstetric GPs are specialist trained GP’s (different to “normal” GP’s) who provide all antenatal care throughout pregnancy and who can deliver your baby.
  • GP Shared Care (with Obstetric GP): Visits are with your regular GP for antenatal checkups and additional visits are required with an Obstetric GP.
  • GP Shared Care (with Specialist Obstetrician): You will visit your regular GP for antenatal check-ups and additional visits as required with a Specialist Obstetrician.
  • Midwife Care Program: The Midwife Care Program (MCP) is available at AWH Wodonga Hospital for uncomplicated pregnancies. Most antenatal appointments occur at AWH Wodonga Hospital with Midwives and some appointments are with an Obstetric GP at his / her Medical Clinic.

For further information or to arrange an appointment with the pregnancy care coordinator please contact the Antenatal Receptionist at Wodonga Hospital on Phone: (02) 6051 7240.