Carer Consultants are employed in each public mental health service in Victoria their role is to provide information and peer support to family members/carers of a person accessing NEBMHS, along with systemic advocacy regarding improvements to the delivery of local mental health services.

The role of the Carer Consultant is to provide:

  • Information and support for families/carers
  • Individual and systemic advocacy at all service levels
  • Referrals to other appropriate support networks, as requested
  • Establish and foster links with other organisations
  • Secondary consultation on carer issues to mental health staff
  • Participation representing the carer perspective in service planning, delivery and evaluation.

Referral process:

Family members/carers of a person currently accessing NEBMHS may contact a Carer Consultant directly or alternatively ask a staff member to assist you.

Wodonga Carer Consultant. Phone: (02) 6051 7955
Albury Carer Consultant. Phone: (02) 6058 1750
Wangaratta Carer Consultant. Phone: (03) 5722 5050

Please keep in mind the Carer Consultants are employed on a part-time basis, however they will endeavour to return phone calls as soon as possible, if you leave a message.


Initial meeting

The Carer Consultant will make an appointment to meet with you and talk about your concerns and discuss with you the help and services which are currently available to assist you in your caring role. With your permission, the Carer Consultant may then refer you to, or assist you to access other services which may be of benefit.

Further and on-going support from the Carer Consultant is available to family members/carers while the person they are caring for is still receiving services from NEBMHS.