The Willows is one of the mental health rehabilitation services provided by NEBMHS. The service is consists of 7 houses located in either Gilchrist Avenue and Mayday Court, Beechworth.

The service provides accommodation for 18 people, aged 16—65 years of age with persistent mental health symptoms, impaired psychosocial functioning with reduced capacity to live independently in the community. Emphasis is placed on individual needs, abilities and interests in a stress-free environment.

Qualified and experienced mental health nursing staff are available to provide 24 hour assistance in areas of daily living and to encourage you to develop skills to reach your full potential. A psychiatrist visits the unit regularly to ensure your mental health needs are met, and GP services are accessed through a local clinic.

The Willows aims to:

  • Focus on your individual needs, abilities and interests
  • Develop a collaborative recovery plan
  • Provide opportunities to build on your strengths through participation in a variety of individual and group activities
  • Support you in your recovery and assist you to develop skills in preparation for discharge.

Access to The Willows

For admission to The Willows you may discuss a referral with your Case Manager at your Community Mental Health Service.


For further information contact:

Nursing Unit Manager
The Willows 10 Mayday Court Beechworth, Vic, 3747.
Phone: (03) 5728 3311