Blackwood Cottage is a 15-bed residential aged care service, providing 24 hour nursing care to people over 65 years of age who are experiencing behavioural difficulties associated with their mental illness.

Admission is arranged in consultation with the Aged Care Assessment Team and Wangaratta Older Persons Mental Health Team to determine the level of care required.

The focus of care following admission to Blackwood Cottage is on promoting strategies which improve quality of life: assistance in participating in activities of daily living, enjoyment of hobbies, and general interests by reducing challenging behaviours.

Planning for discharge occurs when the focus of care is no longer on mental health problems and transfer back to their original place of residence/aged care facility is then a priority.

For further information contact:

Nursing Unit Manager
Blackwood Cottage
52 Sydney Road Beechworth, Vic, 3747.
Phone: (03) 5728 0330