Benambra is a community based residential mental health program located close to the centre of town in Wodonga. It provides 24 hour clinical support to people 16—64 years of age in their mental health recovery.

Benambra consists of 4 self-contained units. Staying at Benambra means sharing a 2 bedroom unit with another person. You will have your own room and share the kitchen, bathroom and lounge facilities. The program aims to assist you to work towards your own recovery plan.

Benambra also has a comprehensive group program where participation is expected as part of your stay. Morning group sessions commence at 9am until 9.30am with a second topic from 10.30am—11.30am. The scheduled afternoon activities are optional to attend.

Group topics include information related to:

  • Mental health recovery education
  • Community engagement
  • Social activities

Regular appointments are made for you with a psychiatrist at the Wodonga Adult Mental Health Service while you are staying at Benambra.

People usually stay at Benambra for 3—6 months although this can be negotiated if more time would be beneficial. Weekend leave is accessible, after the first 2 weeks of your stay.

Visiting hours: 12 noon—8.30pm (Mon—Fri) and 10am—8.30pm (Sat and Sun).

If you would like more information, please contact your case manager at Adult Mental Health or you can phone Benambra directly.

For further information contact:

Nursing Unit Manager
11 Wilson Street Wodonga, Vic, 3690
Phone: (02) 6056 5803