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Preparation for Your Stay

It is our desire to make your stay as comfortable and as pleasant as possible. You can help us by making sure that you obtain the items listed below and have them ready to bring with you when you come to Hospital.

We do ask that you leave jewellery, credit cards and other valuables at home as the Hospital cannot be responsible for anything that is lost or stolen. Just bring sufficient money for phone calls, newspapers or magazines and personal items from the Hospital kiosk.

Hospital requirements:

   For Yourself: 

  • Lightweight nightgowns or pyjamas etc. (front opening for breastfeeding)
  • Dressing gown, slippers
  • Light comfortable day clothes
  • Nursing bras, nursing pads
  • Maternity sanitary pads
  • Phone card or Coins for telephone, biro, tissues, watch or clock
  • Camera

   For Baby:

  • Baby clothes (including singlets) for use in hospital
  • Bunny Rugs
  • Large pack of newborn size disposable nappies
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby's toiletries


Labour & Delivery

If you think you are ready to come to hospital for the birth of your baby you are asked to telephone (02) 6051 7250 and ask to speak to a Midwife and let her know of your intention to come in. On arrival come to the Maternity Unit entrance off Wilson Street.

If you are unsure of whether it is time to come to the hospital, it is best to phone and discuss with a Midwife your concerns and she will help you decide.

In the case of any bleeding (more than spotting) or should your waters break or you have any contractions you are requested to phone the hospital and speak to a Midwife.

Once you come to hospital you are cared for by the Midwives in conjunction with your Doctor or the Doctor on duty and other health professionals as needed. A Midwife will care for those women who are enrolled in the Midwife Care Program and a Doctor will be called in only if required.

As your carers we will provide a supportive environment for the birth of your baby and will encourage your partner and support people to participate in the birth process.

Paediatricians are available 24 hours a day should your baby require special attention.

The Special Care Nursery is located within the Maternity Unit should your baby need specialised care.

As long as mother and baby are well you can go home from the hospital between 6 and 72 hours after giving birth.

The normal length of stay is three days, but you can go home any time after six hours from the time of delivery if mother and baby are both well.

Induction of labour

Some women may need to have their labour induced. The reasons for induction are varied. A Doctor determines whether labour needs to be induced. The method of induction can vary and the Doctor decides which method is most appropriate.

The Doctor may need to insert a gel that assists in stimulating labour. Women requiring this Gel are admitted to the Maternity Unit in the evening at a time arranged by the Doctor. The Doctor visits the Maternity Unit on the evening of admission and inserts the Gel into the vagina.

If Gel is not required, the woman is admitted to the Maternity Unit at 7.30 am. or a pre-arranged time on the morning of induction. The Doctor attends and induces the labour by breaking the waters and putting up a drip with Syntocinon. Syntocinon assists in stimulating labour. Some women may only need to have their waters broken to stimulate labour.

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Caesarean Section

Those women scheduled to have a caesarean section are asked to present to the Maternity Unit at 7 am on the day of their caesarean section if booked for theatre in the morning or as directed by their Doctor.  If booked for theatre after 12 midday, you can present to the Maternity Unit at 9.00 am on the day of your caesarean section. (Your doctor will have arranged for you to have your blood taken prior to admission.)

Women booked for a caesarean section will be required to attend the LUCSC Clinic to see the Anaethetist between 36 and 40 weeks.  Further information will be provided by your Doctor.

The caesarean will be performed in the Operating Suite. With the permission of your Obstetrician, your partner or support person may be allowed to stay with you throughout the operation. A Midwife will also be in attendance. Where a general anaesthetic is required, a support person is not permitted in the Operating Suite.

Once the baby is delivered the Midwife and Paediatrician will check the baby and if the baby is well, both mother and her partner or support person can nurse the baby in theatre. The Midwife stays with you and your baby until you are returned to the post natal ward for ongoing care.

After Birth Ward Care including Rooming In

It is the unit's philosophy to establish a suitable environment to promote the beginning of healthy interpersonal relationships by fostering increased family/infant contact during the postnatal period. Therefore, we have a 24 hour rooming in policy. All babies will stay with their mothers at all times unless there is a medical indication to prevent this.


You are asked to plan your discharge prior to admission to hospital. On the day of discharge, it is asked that you leave the ward by 11 am. If leaving later in the day you will be asked to vacate your room and wait in the lounge area for the purpose of room cleaning and bed requirements. If you foresee any problems with discharge please inform us prior to admission.

Visiting Hours

The Maternity Unit respects the request of mothers who appreciate quiet time and rest. A mother also appreciates having time to spend with her new baby and partner without other visitors.

Free visiting for partners (except for the rest period) is encouraged.

It is advisable to try and keep visitors to partners and close family and friends for the first day.

General Visiting Hours

  • 2.30pm to 7.30pm

Partners' Time Only

  • 7.30pm to 8.00pm


Phone calls are not put through during rest time, therefore please inform family and friends to ring outside of rest period.

Additional Information

TV Hire

Hospital television rentals provide a patient TV hire service at each bedside. A request Hire From is obtained in the unit. Connections are made on a daily basis. You are not permitted to bring in your own TV.


A phone card, using a personal pin code will enable you to make outside calls from the bedside phones in the patients rooms. Public phones are available for use, please bring coins or phone cards with you.

Patients can receive incoming calls on the phone next to their bed. Calls will not be put through to patients between 12 midday and 2.30 pm (rest time).


Situated in the hospital for magazines, sweets and toiletries.

Visitors can use the kiosk to obtain meals.
Hours of business: 9.00am to 7.30pm Monday to Sunday.
Closed: 5pm-5.30pm


Limited parking spaces are available outside the Obstetrics Unit entry, via Wilson Street.

Between 7.30am and 3.00pm, Monday to Sunday parking in Vermont Street outside the hospital is restricted to 2 hours.

Unlimited parking time is available in Martin Park (enter from Vermont street) or on Wilson Street and also in front of the Maternity Unit.

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Hospital policy states that patients must wear footwear at all times. Ensure you bring slippers or appropriate footwear to hospital with you.


Albury Wodonga Health - Wodonga Campus has a non-smoking policy. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.