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Nursing Career Opportunities

Albury Wodonga Health (AWH) offers a range of different acute nursing careers.  Whether you are looking for a nursing position, new graduate program or post graduate study, we should have something suitable for you!

All applications for employment should be submitted online through the Victorian Government Careers website. Please refer to the Current Vacancies link on this website.

Applicants who are seeking sponsorship need not apply as AWH is not presently able to support these applications.

The following nursing career options are available. Please click on the links below to get more information.

Graduate Nurse Program 

 AWH open day: Monday May 13th, 2013. As the graduates will spend rotations on both campuses, this information session will comprise 2 parts.

1030-1200: Wodonga campus (Vermont st)-meet outside the Antenatal room

*AWH Graduate Program information session / Take a tour

1300-1400: Albury campus (cnr of Borella Rd and East st)-meet in main foyer

*Take a tour

***(see attachment below)

Program Coordinator:  Email clinical.education@awh.org.au or phone 02 60517443.  Enquiries are welcome.

The Albury Wodonga Health Graduate Nurse Program is very well supported and provides a friendly environment for new graduate nurses in their transition to the role of Registered Nurse, Division 1.  The program promotes quality patient care and professional excellence for our new graduates.

Albury Wodonga  Health runs two programs per year, commencing in February and July, with an intake of up to 9 graduates in each. 

Entry to the Graduate Nurse Program:

Entry to the graduate nurse program is via the Victorian Nursing Computer Match system www.computermatching.pmcv.com.au.   The computer match process commences in June of the previous year with the applicant sourcing all information and entering the process online.  Applications to the Health Service are forwarded by the end of July and interviews are held in late August. The computer match is usually completed mid October and offers of positions are then made for the following year's programs. Particular information regarding the application process for AWH is as follows: 

1. Once registered with Computer Match, applicants who wish to be considered for the Graduate Nurse Program at AWH must apply through www.awh.org.au. Go to: Employment-Positions Vacant-Current vacancies. You will be linked to careers.vic.gov. Select the desired position, read information related to this position (A Position description and an "Information for Job Applicants" form are available to view). Applications may be submitted from 24th May, 2013-closing date 25th July, 2013

2.   "Apply", at the bottom of the page, will bring up the application form. Please supply all information requested and attach all required documents, plus:

  • An application letter
  • A current CV that outlines employment history and all clinical placements and educators during your undergraduate degree.  Included in this CV are the names of two professional referees:  e.g. current employer, clinical nurse educator.  If not in current employment - two clinical educators.  Written references are not required.
  • A transcript of academic results (with legend attached).
  • Previous two summative clinical reports.  One of these must be an acute Medical / Surgical placement report. Formative reports are not required.
  • Note: Where the application form asks for AHPRA registration number, you may leave it blank
  • If you encounter problems or wish to provide feedback re this process, do so via e-mail to employment@awh.org.au

 ***see attachment below

Rotations available:

Each graduate will have four x 3 month rotations to a variety of areas, which include:

  • Medical Ward / Surgical Ward
  • Rehabilitation Ward
  • Paediatrics
  • ICU
  • Day Procedure Unit
  • Surgical Ward
  • Emergency Department
  • Health Care @ Home (previously known individually as District Nursing Service and Hospital in the Home)
  • PACU / Theatre

Program Structure:

The program commences with orientation to the organisation, then 2 days working with an allocated preceptor. Following this time, the graduate RN has their own patient load and is supported by the hospital educators, ward staff, the nurse in charge and the graduate coordinator. When changing areas, they will be orientated and introduced to the area by trained preceptors. There are also five paid graduate nurse study days in the program. 

What support do you receive in the program? 

  • Access to unit-based Ward Educators and Clinical Support Nurses
  • Staff who are willing teachers and supportive of new graduates. Most RNs allocated to graduates have completed preceptorship training
  • A focus on education throughout the organisation: 5 study days are provided, as well as extensive inservice sessions  
  • Access to the simulation lab to practice clinical skills or attend organised sessions
  • Regular debriefing sessions specifically for graduate nurses 
  • If you make a mistake, you will be supported in learning from it, not punished. AWH promotes a no blame culture
  • You are encouraged to take 2 weeks leave (pro-rata) during the program. The rest of your leave entitlements accrue
  • A graduation ceremony and afternoon tea to celebrate your achievements at completion of the program

What do I have to do to successfully complete the program?

  • Complete all mandatory education sessions at orientation - CPR, No Lift, Infection Control, Manual Handling, Fire and Emergency codes, Prevention of Bullying and Harassment and Privacy and Confidentiality  
  • Complete the following learning packages:  Medication administration, IV cannulation , PICC management, plus ward specific requirements
  • Complete regular performance reviews at 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months achieving a satisfactory standard
  • Attend program study days
  • Attend 12 or more inservice education sessions over the year
  • Participate in a quality activity at a unit level
  • Present or co-present an inservice session on a topic of interest

Why should you choose the Albury Wodonga Health Graduate Nurse Program?

  • It provides rotations to diverse areas. The new graduate is able to obtain an understanding of how the whole organisation works together to provide quality patient care. Exposure to more specialised units also assist in identifying any areas of nursing that may be of interest for further studies.
  • You will receive a very high level of support from all staff.
  • You will be encouraged to learn and develop throughout the year.
  • You will be given honest feedback about your performance and strategies for improvement if required.  
  • Opportunities for further study as we support staff studying Post Graduate Certificates/Diplomas in Midwifery, Rural Critical Care, Emergency Nursing, Perioperative Nursing and Palliative Care, among others (according to organisational requirements)
  • Discovery programs may be available for High Dependency, Perioperative and Emergency Department post program(according to organisational requirements)
  • An excellent range of salary packaging options are available.

Student Midwife Program - Paid Model

Post Graduate Diploma in Midwifery

This course enables Registered Nurses Division one, to gain Midwifery qualifications.
The program runs in conjunction with Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga Campus and is  run in a distance education mode. Students are required to attend two residential blocks of a week each; one in February and one in July. Students study through the university for one academic year.

Albury Wodonga Health - Wodonga Campus provides the clinical component of this course. This is a paid employment model with students being employed by Wodonga Campus to work within the Maternity Unit for no less than one calendar year at 4 days a week.

Clinical rotations cover all areas within the Maternity Unity including Antenatal, Postnatal, Birth Suite, Special Care Nursery, Domiciliary and Antenatal Classes.

Incorporated into the program is extensive in-service education.

Support for students is provided by the Program Coordinator, the Clinical Nurse Support Midwife, trained preceptors and experienced midwifery staff. Many of the current midwives were past students of the program and can provide valuable assistance to the students throughout the course.  Evaluations from past students have been very positive.

  • "The support and education was fantastic throughout"
  • "For anyone interested in midwifery this was a valuable program"
  • "Fabulous course"

Wodonga Campus currently has two intakes per year, one commencing in February and one commencing in July with up to six places in each intake.

An Information Evening is run the first week of August and the first week of March each year in the Antenatal Room of Albury Wodonga Health - Wodonga Campus for those interested. If you are unable to attend and would like further information and tour the unit please contact the program coordinator.

Applications are direct through the hospital, with advertisements in the Local papers, Metropolitan papers, the Albury Wodonga Health - Wodonga Campus and Charles Sturt University internet sites twice a year, in March and August.

Joint registration is required in both NSW and Victoria, for those students wishing to enter the Charles Sturt University Program. Acute experience, as a Registered Nurse (Division 1) is a prerequisite for the course. Applicants selected will be required to attend an interview.

Fees are payable to the university. Commonwealth Supported Places / scholarships are available to assist with fees. Paid study leave is available to attend mandatory study blocks. At CSU Wagga Campus.

Ongoing employment opportunities as a registered midwife are available upon successful completion of the program and performance review.

Click here for application information in positions vacant.

Further information may be obtained from the program coordinator/Midwifery Educator:

clinical.education@awh.org.au (02) 60517435 or go to the following CSU link:


Discovery Program- Critical Care Areas

The Discovery Program provides a structured program of support and in-house education for approved Division One nurses whilst working in High Dependency and Emergency Departments. The program is designed to meet the needs of the beginner or returning practitioner. It is not designed to replace a post graduate Critical Care/ED course.

The aim of the programme is to assist new or returning nurses make the transition into critical care areas by providing:

  • A structured programme which addresses key clinical concepts and skills relevant to the area.
  • Introduction to the role of the Division One Registered Nurse in the particular environment.
  • Resources and support structures for the program participants.
  • Dedicated Clinical Support Nurse in the three areas to coordinate the program and staff member.

It is hoped that provision of this programme will encourage participants to pursue further studies and qualifications in critical care, which will in turn, assist in providing staffing security for these areas in the future.

For further information regarding the AWHWC Discovery Program contact:

Staff Development Co-ordinator, Wodonga Hospital, clinical.education@awh.org.au

Post Graduate Studies

AWHWC is committed to support the ongoing professional development of nursing staff.  Current post graduate studies being undertaken by AWHWC nursing staff include;

  • Critical Care (ED & HDU) Graduate Certificate and Diploma- Deakin University
  • Midwifery- Graduate Diploma- Charles Sturt University
  • Perioperative Graduate Certificate & Diploma
  • Palliative Care- Graduate Certificate
  • Master of Nursing Science
  • Diabetes Graduate Certificate

All students are entitled to apply for post graduate study leave and other support.

For further information regarding post graduate study opportunities at AWHWC contact:

Staff Development Coordinator, (02) 60517435, clinical.education@awh.org.au

Towong / Albury Wodonga Health Collaborative 2014 Graduate Nurse Program

This new and exciting initiative will continue in 2014.  Five graduates will develop competencies to meet the broad challenges of regional and rural nursing practice.  There will be 3 x 4 month rotations at either Tallangatta Health Service; Upper Murray Health & Community Services, Corryong; or Albury Wodonga Health, Wodonga Hospital. Entry to the graduate nurse program is via the Victorian Nursing Computer Match system www.computermatching.pmcv.com.au.

For further information, contact Fiona O'Toole (UMH&CS) 0260 763269 fionao@umhcs.vic.gov.au; Lyn Lang (THS) 0260 715258 lynette.lang@ths.vic.gov.au; or Sue Scheetz 0260 517443 suzanne.scheetz@awh.org.au




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